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Ambivalent Alumna

Mostly things that I like or complaints about things I don't like and re-blogs of things posted by tumblrers whom I like.
Apr 17 '14

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Apr 14 '14

Ha! Vibeology was like my fave song in elementary school. I haven’t heard it in so long, it’s so bizarre.

Apr 14 '14



Apr 14 '14

It’s been so long since I logged on to Facebook I am once again completely confused by it. Is my timeline just always most recent or most popular now? I have no idea.

Apr 13 '14

GoT Stuff re: Brienne

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Apr 13 '14

Now a 1 hr break until Veep is on, well maybe a little less than an hour so I can catch the end of GoT again.

Apr 13 '14

OMG tan Pete Campbell.

Apr 13 '14

2 Questions Because My TV is Too Dark (Spoilers?)

Is Lou Duck or is he just a Duck look-alike?

Do we know the woman who woke up on the floor with Roger?

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Apr 13 '14

Re: Previously on Mad Men

I’d just like to say a preemptive ”fuck Ted Chaough" before the episode-proper starts.

Apr 12 '14


the clash! gates of the west

Best. B-Side. Ever.